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Aim of This book

This book addresses first year students and aims at:

(1) Developing further knowledge and understanding of some core scientific concepts and principles
(2) Improving ability to understand and express scientific knowledge .
(3) preparing for further study of specialist modules in physics, engineering, chemistry or biology.
(4) preparing for future undergraduates studies in science or Engineering.

Scope of this book

** This book is mainly about physical chemistry and explains the basic concepts of gases , liquids and solids, the relation of properties to structure, the chemical changes, the trends and patterns in periodic table.
** Strong emphasis will be placed on chemical energy changes to finally provide an introduction to solution and pH.
** The fundamental properties of matter underlie all of science and Engineering subjects, and will be needed, even if the student is not going to study more Chemistry.
** General principles, methods of calculation and scientific thinking skills will be useful to all science & Engineering subjects.

Description of the book

Book name: 
Fudamentals of Chemistry book  by Romain Elsair 


Dr. Romain El Sair 
He studied at the Universita degli Studi di Bologna, Italy (BSc), at the Université des Sciences et Techniques in Nantes, France (MSc) and Brighton, UK where he gained a Doctorate Degree in Organic Chemistry in the year 2010. 
Edition: Unkown
Year: 2012
No of Chapters: 10
No of Pages: 133
File format: pdf
File size: 4.32 MB


Chapter 1: 
substances and Reactions
Chapter 2: 
Chemical Equation subatomic structure relative atomic Mass
Chapter 3: 
The Mole
Chapter 4: 
Solutions and Concentrations
Chapter 5: 
Electromagnetic Radiation and spectroscopy
Chapter 6: 
Electron Configuration bonding Redox equations
Chapter 7: 
shapes of Molecule
Chapter 8: 
Chemical bonding and Solid structure
Chapter 9: 
Trends in the Periodic Table

Chapter 10: 


Cover of the book 

Download the book 

File format: pdf
File size: 4.32 MB

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