Analytical Chemistry book by Gary D.Christian – Free Download

– In this subject, we will discuss the Free Download Analytical Chemistry book (7th edition) by Gary D.Christian

Analytical Chemistry book by Gary D.Christian - Free Download

Introduction to Analytical Chemistry book

What is Analytical chemistry?

– Analytical chemistry is concerned with the chemical characterization of matter, both qualitative and quantitative.

– It is important in nearly every aspect of our lives because chemicals make up everything we use.

– This text deals with the principles and techniques of quantitative analysis, that is, how to determine how much of a specific substance is contained in a sample.

– You will learn how to design an analytical method, based on what information is needed or requested (it is important to know what that is, and why!), how to obtain a laboratory sample that is representative of the whole, how to prepare it for analysis, what measurement tools are available, and the statistical significance of the analysis.

– Analytical chemistry becomes meaningful when you realize that a blood analysis may provide information that saves a patient’s life or that quality control analysis assures that a manufacturer does not lose money from a defective product.

Description of Analytical Chemistry book

Book name: Analytical Chemistry book (Gary – Punendu – Kevin) 7 edition

Author: Gary D. Christian, University of Washington, Purnendu K. (Sandy) Dasgupta, University of Texas at Arlington, Kevin A. Schug, University of Texas at Arlington.

Edition: 7 D

Year: 2014

No of Chapters:26

No of Pages: 850

file format: pdf

file size: 18 MB

Contents of Analytical Chemistry book

Chapter 1: Analytical Objectives, or: What Analytical Chemists Do

Chapter 2: Basic Tools and Operations of Analytical Chemistry

Chapter 3: Statistics and Data Handling in Analytical Chemistry

Chapter 4: Good Laboratory Practice: Quality Assurance and Method Validation

Chapter 5: Stoichiometric Calculations: The Workhorse of the Analyst

Chapter 6: General Concepts of Chemical Equilibrium

Chapter 7: Acid-Base Equilibria

Chapter 8: Acid-Base Titrations

Chapter 9: Complexometric Reactions and Titrations

Chapter 10: Gravimetric Analysis and Precipitation Equilibria

Chapter 11: Precipitation Reactions and Titrations

Chapter 12: Electrochemical Cells and Electrode Potentials

Chapter 13: Potentiometric Electrodes and Potentiometry

Chapter 14: Redox and Potentiometric Titrations

Chapter 15: Voltammetry and Electrochemical Sensors

Chapter 16: Spectrochemical Methods

Chapter 17: Atomic Spectrometric Methods

Chapter 18: Sample Preparation: Solvent and Solid-Phase Extraction

Chapter 19: Chromatography: Principles and Theory

Chapter 20: Gas Chromatography

Chapter 21: Liquid Chromatography and Electrophoresis

Chapter 22: Mass Spectrometry

Chapter 23: Kinetic Methods of Analysis

Chapter 24: Automation in Measurements

Chapter 25: Clinical Chemistry

Chapter 26: Environmental Sampling and Analysis

Cover of the book 

Analytical Chemistry book by Gary D.Christian - Free Download

Free Download of Analytical Chemistry book

File format: pdf

File size: 18 MB

Analytical Chemistry book by Gary D.Christian - Free Download

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